Friday, May 24, 2013


So today was the monthly flea and unfortunately, I did not get off to my usual early start.  The last day of school for my little ones was Tuesday so needless to say, this momma is in complete transition mode.  To  make things even more crazy, we are about to head out on a 12 day vacation so I'm up to my ears in laundry, packing, dog-care coverage, mail pick-up, etc......

But enough about that, here is what you really want to see....highlights of the flea:

Original Artwork
I just can't seem to pass it up and she actually favors a grown-up Ava so we had to get her.

 Wonderful Fiberglass Peacock Chair
Melissa beat me to this one....damn her!  Look how upset you made Ava.

Cool Mid-Century Wicker/Rattan Chairs
Once again SOLD!  This is what happens when you don't hit the flea early.

 Trophy Finials
Yes random but I really want to think of something cool to do with them.  I was thinking wine stoppers perhaps, place-card holders, etc...I don't know surely there is something.

American of Martinsville Credenza
My mom was actually eyeballing this one.  She should get it.

Solid Walnut Mid-Century Ice Bucket
Yes all my friends will tell you I have a soft spot for mid-century barware.  I just love it.  This beauty I snatched up without hesitation.  Made of solid American Walnut (label attached) and glass insert.  She will be part of the amazing barware offered at the July sale!!

And every flea with the kids ends like this......Funnel Cake solves all life's problems!

I will be MIA for the next week or so but I will be back in full force and hopefully have a lot to post about.  I plan to visit Circa Who and Palm Beach Regency on my Florida adventure!!


  1. You missed out on some good treasures. Let this be a lesson. In the future, nothing stands in the way of getting to the flea early and popping those tags. But you did come home with a find. Love the painting. You have a knack for finding great artwork.
    Have a great vacation.

  2. Enjoy your break. For the trophy finials, mount them on a board and spray paint them. Use it as coat hooks.

  3. I have never seen a fiber glass peacock chair!!!! I love it and wish you got it!

    I am soooooo into your ice bucket and think you should keep it for yourself. :-)

    Have a blast on your trip and a big THANK YOU for adding me to your list of favs! I would add you but I'm still learning how to make one....I'm SO much better crafting than using a computer :-/


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