Friday, August 31, 2012


Hopefully most of you read recently about my wonderful La Barge Chinese Chippendale Pagoda Mirror score.  If not, click here.  Last week, my Alabama Picker found another wonderful pagoda mirror that is now available on Gogo Studio.  What I think is unique about this mirror is the fact that it is wider and more landscape in position versus the more typical taller, portrait size pagoda mirrors. That quality makes it perfect for someone with lower ceilings but still wants pagoda goodness in their life. 

Speaking of pagoda goodness:

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


One thing you can always count on in life is change and things are changing quickly around here at Chateau À Gogo.  Just tonight I launched two new pages:  GOGO MANIFESTO and GOGO STUDIO.  Last week I launched GIRL BEHIND GOGO.  Please take a minute and check them all out.  I think you will be especially interested in the GOGO STUDIO page as this will be constantly updated with new inventory for sale.  I'm very excited about all these changes and so happy I can share this crazy adventure with you.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Here are some of the wonderful pieces from last week's hunt.  Launching later this week is Gogo Studio.  An added page to my blog that will showcase all current inventory for sale.

Vintage Barware is a Must!!

Asian Art - I've now become a sucker for Asian pieces
2 Mid Century Walnut Side Tables

Monday, August 27, 2012


One of my major scores from last week's buying trip, is a wonderful multi-functional campaign dresser.  I can't wait to give this lady new life.  She could be perfect in an office or dining area along with the obvious bedroom.  I'll keep you posted on the transformations but here she is along with some inspirational spaces.  Any votes on color?

Thursday, August 23, 2012


Sorry I've been quite this week.  I've been busy hunting for more treasures.
Here is another little mid century "art" lesson.  I have not been able to find out a lot about mid century Dream Trees but this is what I do know.  Apparently, a man named J. E. Tramel, from Baton Rouge, LA, was sitting under a tree dreaming of one day having a lot of gold.  Fast forward X many years later and J. E. Tramel had trademarked the "Dream Tree". A neat little tree made of twisted brass wire with tiny little foil leaves. If you are lucky enough to find one with the original label it reads:  "AN ORIGINAL DREAM TREE" with a handwritten registration number.
I swear Emily Henderson used one the other day on Secrets of a Stylist on a coffee table but I can't find a pic and I'm too tired to try hard so my pic from earlier will have to do.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


I recently purchased a piece of Catalina Pottery.  Part of the enjoyment of owning vintage pieces is knowing the history and craftsmanship behind the piece.  Here is a little lesson on Catalina Pottery.

In 1927, William Wrigley, Jr. built a tile and brick pottery on a beach located near Avalon, Santa Catalina Island. The new pottery became Catalina Clay Products.  The pottery used local clays from the Island. 

In 1930, Wrigley brought artisans to the Island to design decorative and functional pottery products including souvenirs, vases, bookends and figurines.  Red clays found on the Island were used for pottery until 1931. After 1931 white clay from the United States mainland was combined with the red clay until finally only white clay was used. Glazes were made with local minerals mined on the Island. The company sold its ware as Catalina Pottery and Catalina Tile. The pottery opened free standing stores to sell their wares in Avalon, Santa Catalina Island, Hollywood, Olvera Street in Los Angeles, and in the Arizona Biltmore Hotel, Phoenix. Dinnerware and art ware was sold through department and jewelry stores. The pottery's tile was used for the interiors and exteriors of buildings on the Island. Tile products were used throughout the United States. The Arizona Biltmore Hotel's swimming pool was built using Catalina tile.

In 1937, Catalina Clay Products, including all equipment, stock, molds, and trademarks, were sold to Gladding, McBean & Co.  Gladding, McBean continued to produce Catalina art ware and dinnerware shapes for their Catalina Pottery art ware lines until 1942. Gladding, McBean & Co.'s Catalina Pottery art ware was marked Catalina Pottery, made in USA, with an ink stamp. All tile products were discontinued.

Start your pottery collection today.

Sunday, August 19, 2012


I managed to hit several estate sales this past weekend.  Since the very successful tag sale, I'm in the process of building up my inventory.  I'm also going to start selling items from this site very soon so be watching for the announcement.

Some of this weekend's score includes:
Japanese Black Lacquer Tray Set
Turquoise Catalina Pottery Dish
Hand-stitched Tablecloth and 12 Napkin Set in "Flamingo" colorway in original box
Mid Century Wooden Bird Sculptures
Mid Century Brass Dream Tree Sculpture (J E Tramel Design)

Thursday, August 16, 2012


Yesterday I went to a local consignment store not expecting to find anything based on past visits but as you know, one never knows where the next treasure will be. A classic Billy Baldwin/tuxedo style sofa caught my eye.  It was upholstered in a terrible brown/blue/cream plaid but the lines were spot on.  I pulled up the middle cushion and the design gods started singing as the Henredon label smiled back at me.  For a steal, I could buy a vintage, down filled, Henredon tuxedo style sofa that was in perfect condition minus the ugly fabric.  So I asked myself, "what would Lara Spencer do?".  I know the answer based on her new book, which provides a list of the manufacturers and designers to look for when shopping for vintage:

Baker, Drexel, Henredon, James Mont, William Haines, Kittinger, Verner Panton, Parzinger and Karl Springer.

Taking Lara's advice, I purchased the sofa.  Now I just need the perfect fabric and a home for what is going to be an amazing vintage piece.

Before (seriously ugly fabric but I think it is a silk/cotton blend; probably expensive at the time):

 Potential Afters:

My #1 favorite:  Dorothy Draper fabric

Source: via jill on Pinterest

Or maybe I should just go all out and do Animal Print!!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


As my close friends know, purple is one of my favorite colors.  You probably wouldn't guess that by the interior of my home but I think that is because purple is not as easy to find in home interior options as some other colors.  Last night while performing my regular nightly ritual of looking at design books/magazines before bed, I almost fell out when I saw the Kelly Wearstler designed home in Elle Decor featuring the most amazing purple Venetian glass chandeliers you have ever seen.  Horchow carries this chandelier and wouldn't you know they are having a 1 day sale of 30% off today.  Unfortunately at $2050.00, it is not in my budget but I am putting it on the wish list.

I'm trying to bring purple hues into my bedroom.  The color palette is heading in this direction (also a Wearstler space....hmmm....I think I must be a Wearstler fan). How do you think that chandelier would look above my bed???  I'm thinking very Chateau À Gogo!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


One of the most popular tag sale items was an amazing antique mirror that sold within the first hour.  We all knew the smoky, silvery effect on the mirror had a name but none of us could think of it. We even tried to Google it with no luck.  Yesterday I was looking through Lara Spencer's I Brake for Yard Sales book and there it was on page 84.  The oxidation of the mercury on the back of old glass is called Foxing.  So if you come across one of these Foxy Ladies, snatch her up.  They immediately add history and sophistication to your space.

Source: via Baby on Pinterest

Source: via Rachael on Pinterest