Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Earlier this year I visited a shop in Bellevue called TAG (Treasures, Antiques and Good Stuff).  This store is awesome and if you have not discovered it yet, please take the time to visit.  The owner, Jennifer, has a great eye and her prices are very reasonable.  Ever since that first visit, I've been coveting a Pagoda Chinese Chippendale mirror she had on the wall behind the checkout counter. 

I recently stopped in and was delighted to see the mirror still available and marked down slightly.  Knowing that a mirror was not on the top of the priority list especially with the laundry room remodel underway, I fought back the urge and left empty handed.  Two nights later as I lie in bed looking at one of my design books trying not to think about the mirror, I close the book only to see the exact mirror on the cover staring back at me.  The Design Gods were sending me a message!  On the cover of Celerie Kemble's To Your Taste is the exact Pagoda mirror from TAG. 

I immediately emailed Jennifer and told her I wanted the mirror.  Sometimes you just have to go with your gut.  If you want something bad enough and the universe is giving you signs (at least this is how I explained it to my husband), chances are the decision to get it is the right one.

When loading the mirror in my car, I noticed it is marked on the back "made in Italy for La Barge Mirror".  I did some research and discovered that I have a very nice mirror on my hand down to your kids type of mirror.  Circa Who has one in her shop right now at a staggering $2200.00 (exact same dimensions)!!!  So if you see one of these ladies at an estate sale, be sure and snatch her up.

Circa Who

Circa Who Info:VINTAGE Labarge PAGODA Mirror in good as found condition. There are scuffs, scrape and some old repairs to the as found gold finish. (see photos)
Dimensions (in inches):
Height: 63
Depth / Diameter: 3.75
Width / Length: 31
Seat Height:
Maker: LaBarge
Price: $2200

Right now, the mirror is hanging in my staircase and she looks fabulous against my Benjamin Moore Peony wall.  The entire scene will look even better once the staircase is updated with carpet removed, glass panels installed and brass handrails but that is a post for another day. 

Here are some other designer shots using Pagoda Mirrors.

Have the Designer Gods ever given you a sign? If so, I would love to hear about it.


  1. You know I'm so jealous of that mirror! I've always loved it. So glad it went to a good home! And, I thought it might be La Barge. Those are super nice and collectible. Score!

  2. If you ever get tired of that mirror, I want first dibs! Love it.

  3. So glad it worked out for you - that mirror is stunning!

  4. Perfect piece for the perfect home!

  5. wow love that mirror, so regal looking

  6. oh my goodness, i had to stop by because i LOVE the name of your blog! i saw your post on MyInterior Life and i just had to come over. this is TOOO CUTE!

  7. That mirror is fantastic! Additionally, I did not know of TAG and will now be there this weekend.

  8. Love it! The Greek key ones in the photo were also fantastic.

  9. That mirror is beyond fabulous. Nice score! I've been pining for a zinc mirror that's on clearance at Restoration Hardware. Perhaps the design gods will send me a sign... I'm keeping my eyes peeled for it!

  10. can we ask what you paid for it????


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