Monday, August 27, 2012


One of my major scores from last week's buying trip, is a wonderful multi-functional campaign dresser.  I can't wait to give this lady new life.  She could be perfect in an office or dining area along with the obvious bedroom.  I'll keep you posted on the transformations but here she is along with some inspirational spaces.  Any votes on color?


  1. Hard to say, they look fabulous no matter what color I see them in! Also love the image of the dresser in natural wood, to further confuse the issue! Painted mine high gloss white, which I love with the gold hardware.

  2. I guess it all depends on where it ends up, but I love them all. I know I'm no help at all. The green is great, but I also love the hot pink one (hadn't seen that one before). I have a small one in Pierce's room as his bedside chest and since his room is green, I stuck with the original wood. I know it will look fabulous no matter which color you choose - good luck!

  3. I am a product of the 60s I love the Turquoise
    Asian look.
    If it were smaller you could maybe think bright
    yellow... it would be amazine in the right venue.


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