Thursday, September 27, 2012


Sorry for the silence this week.  Getting ready for a tag sale is crazy work.  I had planned to do more sneak peeks but time got away from me.  Mom and I spent too much time picking this week.  Here are just a few shots of the madness.  The details for the sale are listed below at the very bottom. 
My inventory will include:
vintage items:  lamps, bar carts, pottery, mirrors, art, barware, kitchenware, linens, furniture (mid century and Hollywood regency)
newer items: pillows, art

Kathy from My Interior Life is also participating and you know she will have great pieces and of course Jennifer's shop is amazing so please stop by.  There are also 2-3 estate sales in the area so it is a win-win situation.

Sale info from eVite below:
1st anniversary sidewalk sale!
  • Host:
tag treasures, antiques & good stuff
  • When:
Saturday, September 29 from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
  • Where:
8333 Sawyer Brown Road in the River Plantation Shopping Center
Message from Host
tag treasures, antiques & good stuff is celebrating our first year! Join us for our anniversary sidewalk sale. The shop will be filled with unique pieces along with merchandise offered by guest antiques and vintage home decor dealers. – Jennifer Barton

Monday, September 24, 2012


My E Design post kick started my interior styling side of the business and I've been busy ever since helping clients with their spaces.  What I have found most enjoyable thus far is seeing the reignited spark in their eyes once they feel they have direction for their space.  I definitely know how it feels to be stuck and not know which way to go next.  This is where the fresh set of eyes comes in and gives the client the jump start they need.
My approach for creating a board for a space is to meet with the client and find out how they want the space to feel, how they plan to use it, what items they wish to keep, what items they wish to repurpose and which items they wish to replace.
From there, I start recreating the room using the Gogo Manifesto as a guideline:
· Mix classic vintage and modern pieces to create spaces with personality

· Use bright colors and boutique wallpapers to add pops of interest

· Include artwork and accessories with a sense of humor

· Add a touch of glam and global elements to provide sparkle and texture
In the end, the client is supplied with a concept board along with a detailed itemized list of where to purchase the items and floor plan layout.  I'm still getting the hang of the design board tool but here are a few of the boards I've been working on.
Den Design 

Living Room Design

Dining Room Design (w/a few pieces for the Kitchen)

Sunday, September 23, 2012


The pictures will speak for themselves.  I have come home newly refreshed and inspired!

 (here is Jud desperately wanting to justify $12,000 for a
1950s George Nelson for Herman Miller office ensemble; no such luck)

 does he look familiar??; I'm starting to see these little guys everywhere

Thursday, September 20, 2012


Wow after reading about Jenny at Little Green Notebook, I've re-educated myself on tetanus.  It is something we easily forget about and need to be reminded that you need a booster every 10 years.  I am sending all positive thoughts to Jenny and her family for a speedy recovery.
Here is a little information from the Mayo Clinic website on Tetanus:

The bacteria that cause tetanus, Clostridium tetani, are found in soil, dust and animal feces. When they enter a deep flesh wound, spores of the bacteria may produce a powerful toxin, tetanospasmin, which actively impairs your motor neurons, nerves that control your muscles. The effect of the toxin on your nerves can cause muscle stiffness and spasms — the major signs of tetanus.
Signs and symptoms of tetanus may appear anytime from a few days to several weeks after tetanus bacteria enter your body through a wound. The average incubation period is seven to eight days.
Common signs and symptoms of tetanus, in order of appearance, are:
  • Spasms and stiffness in your jaw muscles
  • Stiffness of your neck muscles
  • Difficulty swallowing
  • Stiffness of your abdominal muscles
  • Painful body spasms, lasting for several minutes, typically triggered by minor occurrences, such as a draft, loud noise, physical touch or light
Other signs and symptoms may include:
  • Fever
  • Sweating
  • Elevated blood pressure
  • Rapid heart rate
Once tetanus toxin has bonded to your nerve endings it is impossible to remove. Complete recovery from a tetanus infection requires the growth of new nerve endings and can take up to several months. There is no cure for tetanus.
You can easily prevent tetanus by being immunized against the toxin. Almost all cases of tetanus occur in people who've never been immunized or who haven't had a tetanus booster shot within the preceding 10 years.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Hi Local Followers,
I have some great news.  I've been invited along with other dealers to participate in the 1 Year Anniversary Celebration Sale at TAG in Bellevue Saturday, September 29th.  I will be posting more sale details next week but if you love vintage finds like the ones I have on Gogo Studio, then come check out this wonderful tag sale that is sure to have something for everyone.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


It's been raining in Nashville for two days straight.  It is hard to get motivated as you can tell from my very random pics below.  I really need a  new pair of rain boots.

Source: via Rachel on Pinterest

Monday, September 17, 2012


Henry Link was an icon in the furniture industry. He was a traveler and explorer that journeyed from Kenya and Tanzania in East Africa to Gotemba, Japan at the base of Mount Fuji. He had a keen eye for blending unique materials and exotic designs.

One of Lexington Furniture's original founders, he was inducted into the Furniture Hall of Fame for his legacy of innovative design and manufacturing.
In today's market, the Henry Link Bali Hai collection is highly sought after for it's faux bamboo, Hollywood Regency appeal.  This weekend, I was lucky enough to score a Bali Hai cabinet with PAGODA shaped top!  Did someone say PAGODA???!  Oh yes, I said PAGODA.  Here lately as you know from my post several weeks ago, pagodas seem to be popping up everywhere in my life.  I'm going to take this as a good sign and just go with it.  My first inclination is to give the cabinet a proper high gloss paint job and sell but I don't know.....maybe she needs to find a spot in my home for awhile.
Here she is in her original light sage green paint.
Inspirations pics.  Which is your favorite look?




Source: via Lindsay on Pinterest

Thursday, September 13, 2012


I went to a friend's new house yesterday and she has the perfect staircase to do something fun and different.  Here are a few ideas I love.  Which is your favorite?

This one gets my vote!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Monday, September 10, 2012


I know it has been forever since I provided a laundry room update.  Whenever you do a project mostly on your own, it goes at a snails pace.  After my husband brilliantly executed the demo, plumbing, electrical, drywall, etc....he tackled the penny round tiles and lets just say, he is less than pleased with the outcome.  Who knew penny round tile was sooooo hard to lay?  Well we didn't.  It is so easy to get off by just a fraction which throws the entire pattern off but you really don't see it until you grout which by then is too late.  He actually wanted to rip it all out and do it again but I convinced him otherwise.  We are just pushing on.  Our cabinets were also installed this week.  They were custom built b/c of the challenging dimensions of our room.  A high gloss latex type finish was applied to the cabinets so they are beautiful. 

The Carrara Marble has been ordered for the sink cabinet with waterfall edge (notice unfinished side) and top of bench.  We also have our sink and faucet ready to install once counter tops are in. Now I have to finalize wallpaper choices. I'm torn between vibrant Schumacher Chiang Mai Dragon and peaceful Cole and Son Woods. I also have to find the perfect light to hang in front of the window.  One thought is a George Nelson bubble light but I'm not sure.  A sputnik look would also be cool.  Either way, I'm going to do a Dorothy Draper inspired finish to the door.  I'm going to add the regency style trim work that is on every door throughout our house and paint it in black and white.