Thursday, September 6, 2012


Hi Everyone!  I'm Charmaine from the blog My Best Friend Craig.   I'm happy to be here today to share with you some Craigslist shopping tips specifically how to search Craigslist successfully.
Here are my tips:
Search often.  New items are added all the time and the best items move quickly.  I use to search Craigslist every morning before the kids woke up.

Use the search tool wisely.

Search for items in the home page search bar so you don't miss out on things.  You never know where sellers would list their items,  it could be under "Antique", "General" or even "Free".


Check off the box to view only listings with photos and click on the show images icon so you don't have to click on every single listing just to see what the item looks like.





or better yet, use a Craigslist helper extension like the Craigslist Preview Extension for chrome and Craigslist Pro for iphone or ipad.  This extension enables you to view all the photos at the same time...




In searching terms, try to use different words.  A side table to you can be a nightstand, night stand, end table or just table to others.  Also, take into consideration the spacing, and other punctuations like "midcentury", "mid-century" or "MCM".  You will also be surprised how often sellers misspell items  like Ottoman, automan or otoman.  Search for those too!
To search for a specific item, enclose your terms in a quotation, like "hollywood regency mirror" or "faux bamboo dresser" This will only show listings with those words together in that order.
Every time you enter more than one word to the search bar, it automatically searches for listings with all of those words.  I typically try to use one word terms like "bamboo" vs "faux bamboo". You can use the pipe character -  |   (shift + \)  to break this and search for 2  or more items at the same time.

 Like, "hollywood regency | lucite" or "midcentury | retro | vintage"



Here are some of my go-to search terms:
mid century modern | mid century
 retro | vintage
brass | gold
wicker | bamboo | cane
lucite | acrylic
asian | oriental | chinese
lamp | light fixture | chandelier | pendant


Using the above search terms, these are what I have found on Nashville's Craigslist...

































Not bad, right?  What are your Craigslist searching tips?
Next, of course, is contacting the seller, negotiating and buying! 
(That would be for another post)
Thanks for having me over, Brandy!  This has been fun!

And thank you Charmaine!  You were one of the first to welcome me to the blog world earlier this year and I'm so thankful for your time, friendship and priceless knowledge.  - Brandy


  1. Great tips! I didn't know about the CL extension feature!!!!! Thanks so much Brandy and Charmaine. Have a great weekend.

  2. Dang, I thought I was a pretty good craigslister but this is waaay beyond what I (thought I ) knew! I can't believe you found all of that on Nashville. Do Chattanooga for me!

  3. Charmaine, I have been dying for you to share some of your tips with us! SO happy to have this guide, because up until now, Craig has definitely NOT been my best friend! Hopefully this will help. xo

  4. Great tips!! Just seeing all the awesome stuff that you've found on there makes me want to go search craigslist right now!

  5. This just proves Charmaine is the Craiglist queen! That Milo Baughman chair is fab. Do I need another chair?? Thanks so much for the tips, Charmaine, and thanks, Brandy, for having her troll for goodies in our neck of the woods! Can't wait to employ some of her tactics!

  6. Great tips Charmaine!!!! I'm on a hunt for acrylic bar stools right now, wish I could get those :-( Nice blog brandy!

  7. Thanks for sharing your great tips! I'm afraid to go on, I'm already over my head in Craigslist finds - it's always SO tempting!


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