Monday, September 24, 2012


My E Design post kick started my interior styling side of the business and I've been busy ever since helping clients with their spaces.  What I have found most enjoyable thus far is seeing the reignited spark in their eyes once they feel they have direction for their space.  I definitely know how it feels to be stuck and not know which way to go next.  This is where the fresh set of eyes comes in and gives the client the jump start they need.
My approach for creating a board for a space is to meet with the client and find out how they want the space to feel, how they plan to use it, what items they wish to keep, what items they wish to repurpose and which items they wish to replace.
From there, I start recreating the room using the Gogo Manifesto as a guideline:
· Mix classic vintage and modern pieces to create spaces with personality

· Use bright colors and boutique wallpapers to add pops of interest

· Include artwork and accessories with a sense of humor

· Add a touch of glam and global elements to provide sparkle and texture
In the end, the client is supplied with a concept board along with a detailed itemized list of where to purchase the items and floor plan layout.  I'm still getting the hang of the design board tool but here are a few of the boards I've been working on.
Den Design 

Living Room Design

Dining Room Design (w/a few pieces for the Kitchen)


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