Wednesday, February 27, 2013


If you are in Nashville then hopefully you are familiar with the shop OMG (Old Made Good).  If not, then please get familiar fast.  This is a quirky little shop in East Nashville owned by two fabulous ladies Kate and Ashley.  They have a great eye for seeing the potential in vintage items and how they can be re-purposed or styled for today's decor.

They recently moved into a new space three times the size of their original.  In true OMG fashion, their main renovation to the new space was installing a gold glitter floor throughout the shop......yes gold glitter floor.  It is so fun and you can only really appreciate it in person.

I visited the shop recently and here are a few snapshots of the new space and current inventory. Check them out if you are local, if not, check out their website.

I really want this piece of art for my house.  I mean The Royal Tenenbaums...cult classic in my book.

Monday, February 25, 2013


Happy Monday everyone!  I'm coming off a flea market rush weekend.  The winter months are always slow but the weather was perfect and the vendors were out.  I can tell from this point forward as the Spring approaches, the flea will get better and better.  So what did I see and what did I purchase?

On Friday with the girls, we saw:

cool rustic table top on glam brass hoof-footed base
(love the mix! it was sold by Sunday)

 clubby man chair (only $40.00; it was sold by Sunday)

cool vintage leather office chair (set of 2; sold by Sunday) and random pink elephant

tons of letters....I'm kind of over letters

these interesting black leather chairs (set of 6); hmmm...I know I'm looking for glam for my dining room but could these be a possibility and do a Ralph Lauren Men's Club/ Ryan Korban/ Diane Von Furstenberg upscale glamorous look?
$20.00 each!!  I offered $100 for all 6....SOLD!!  (approx. $16.00/chair....seriously!)

very cool vintage patio chairs

taxidermy?? me? it just me or is she kind of pretty?
this is something you would never expect to see in my house.....which is why I like the idea

mid-century fold down table perfect for a small space (Kathy purchased this set for her playroom)

Brazilian cowhide in Cheetah print - love, love, sexy is this
could these be paired with the black leather dining chairs to make a very sexy dining room
oh my, the wheels are turning

On Saturday, I returned with the family (kids and my parents):  I tell Mom I'm thinking about buying a deer head and she thinks I'm crazy.  Taxidermy (in very small doses) is in right?!  I explain, I want to use her at the bar as somewhat of a bar mascot that I can glam up with Ava's vintage costume jewelry collection.  From here on we just become our weird crazy selves and make up an entire story about the deer.....she is a doe trapped in a bucks body. She is a transvestite deer and her name is Bridget Bar-Doe (get it). Yes people, this is how our minds think, we are completely crazy.  Thank goodness my husband loves me.

The kids fall in love with Bridget Bar-Doe so of course she comes home with us.

So end of day Saturday, we have purchased a snow cone, hot dog, chicken wings, funnel cake, popcorn, cheetah print cow-hide and a transvestite deer name Bridget Bar-Doe.......oh just another great weekend at the flea!

 (on a side note, I had a really cute hip girl stop and ask me where I found the deer head and did they have anymore.....ha! seriously taxidermy is in!)

Later this week, sexy dining room update.

Friday, February 22, 2013


Check out the new inventory at GOGO STUDIO!!

Glamorous Elephant Stool
style like this:
Ruthie Sommers.Hollywood Hills - elephant stools, brass and pink!!!

or like this:
Ruthie Sommers - elephant stool!

Vintage Rattan Occasional Chair with Tufted Seating (Orange and White Fabric)
style like this:
Society Social Lolita rattan chair

 Oversized Vintage Rattan Chair with Faux Mongolian Fur Seat ( I like this chair because it has the proportions of the Peacock Chair but is a little toned down)

style like this:
lilly.  seafoam rattan.  chair for a tween queen.  via charleston class.

or like this:
Vintage peacock chair life from #Eco Chic - love the gorgeous cushion!

 or like this:

Hollywood Regency Glass and Mirrored Tables with Lucite and Brass Accents
Use in a space like this:
Hollywood Regency Style

or like this:
um I die for that table at the end of the bed!

Japanese 4 Panel Silk Screen
style like this:

 Cane and Flokati Chair
style like this:

or like this:

Thursday, February 21, 2013


We didn't have much time for shopping while in New Orleans but where there is a will there is a way.  Here are a few Gogo-worthy pieces we saw all located at the fabulous Loisel Vintage Modern on Magazine Street (Suzette, this is the store name you asked about).

This weekend is the Nashville Flea so I'll be back on Monday to report on that hunting expedition.  Hopefully I'll find a Persian rug and some dining chairs (yeah, right!).

  (I need these chairs in my life)