Monday, February 25, 2013


Happy Monday everyone!  I'm coming off a flea market rush weekend.  The winter months are always slow but the weather was perfect and the vendors were out.  I can tell from this point forward as the Spring approaches, the flea will get better and better.  So what did I see and what did I purchase?

On Friday with the girls, we saw:

cool rustic table top on glam brass hoof-footed base
(love the mix! it was sold by Sunday)

 clubby man chair (only $40.00; it was sold by Sunday)

cool vintage leather office chair (set of 2; sold by Sunday) and random pink elephant

tons of letters....I'm kind of over letters

these interesting black leather chairs (set of 6); hmmm...I know I'm looking for glam for my dining room but could these be a possibility and do a Ralph Lauren Men's Club/ Ryan Korban/ Diane Von Furstenberg upscale glamorous look?
$20.00 each!!  I offered $100 for all 6....SOLD!!  (approx. $16.00/chair....seriously!)

very cool vintage patio chairs

taxidermy?? me? it just me or is she kind of pretty?
this is something you would never expect to see in my house.....which is why I like the idea

mid-century fold down table perfect for a small space (Kathy purchased this set for her playroom)

Brazilian cowhide in Cheetah print - love, love, sexy is this
could these be paired with the black leather dining chairs to make a very sexy dining room
oh my, the wheels are turning

On Saturday, I returned with the family (kids and my parents):  I tell Mom I'm thinking about buying a deer head and she thinks I'm crazy.  Taxidermy (in very small doses) is in right?!  I explain, I want to use her at the bar as somewhat of a bar mascot that I can glam up with Ava's vintage costume jewelry collection.  From here on we just become our weird crazy selves and make up an entire story about the deer.....she is a doe trapped in a bucks body. She is a transvestite deer and her name is Bridget Bar-Doe (get it). Yes people, this is how our minds think, we are completely crazy.  Thank goodness my husband loves me.

The kids fall in love with Bridget Bar-Doe so of course she comes home with us.

So end of day Saturday, we have purchased a snow cone, hot dog, chicken wings, funnel cake, popcorn, cheetah print cow-hide and a transvestite deer name Bridget Bar-Doe.......oh just another great weekend at the flea!

 (on a side note, I had a really cute hip girl stop and ask me where I found the deer head and did they have anymore.....ha! seriously taxidermy is in!)

Later this week, sexy dining room update.


  1. Love the cheetah print! Can't wait to see your updated dining room!!

  2. Love the last shot with you and Ava (with her yummy funnel cake) and of course, Bridget Bar-doe. Very funny, by the way. Love the cowhide too. Girl, that is going to be one styling dining room.

  3. So fun! I love the deer head and think that it will look great at the bar! My husband has one in our office and I am lost at trying to make it look good? Can't wait to see what you do with the dining room!

  4. Seriously, I'm going to come up there and meet you guys up there for some power shopping ! Is this an every weekend event, once or month, or do they have it randomly? Love those leather chairs!

  5. I LOVE Bridget Bar-doe! Too funny and I am a bit jealous of the chairs. OK, very jealous. ;)

  6. You went back and got busy! Can't wait to see the he/she in all its glory!!

  7. I definitely would have come home with that same cowhide...I love it! Never saw one like that. Gotta search the interwebs for it!
    Looks like a fun outing, and adorable kids Brandy!
    xo Nancy

  8. Ooohh, I am coveting that pink elephant! The cheetah cow hide is super fab too!

    The Glam Pad

  9. Ahahahahaa hahahahahaha I cant believe you bought a deer head! THAT is hysterical. I can't wait to see it, in place all gogo'd up!
    LOVE the Laundry room too! I am with you I would almost enjoy doing laundry in a room like that, almost....
    Keep it going girl!

  10. What a fun weekend shopping extravaganza! I have seen Bridget Bar-Doe in place and all Go-Go'd up. Let me tell you ladies,she is reigning supreme over the bar area. Brandy never ceases to amaze me with her quirky, fun finds. You keep Go-Going girl!

  11. I love the deer head. Now that you named her Bridgit Bar Do ... i love her more!! And the cheetah cowhide ... rocking it!! xo

  12. B - Loving those black leather chairs! If I was in TN, you'd be hearing from me!

  13. loooove the cowhide! Can't wait to see it in your place!



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