Wednesday, February 27, 2013


If you are in Nashville then hopefully you are familiar with the shop OMG (Old Made Good).  If not, then please get familiar fast.  This is a quirky little shop in East Nashville owned by two fabulous ladies Kate and Ashley.  They have a great eye for seeing the potential in vintage items and how they can be re-purposed or styled for today's decor.

They recently moved into a new space three times the size of their original.  In true OMG fashion, their main renovation to the new space was installing a gold glitter floor throughout the shop......yes gold glitter floor.  It is so fun and you can only really appreciate it in person.

I visited the shop recently and here are a few snapshots of the new space and current inventory. Check them out if you are local, if not, check out their website.

I really want this piece of art for my house.  I mean The Royal Tenenbaums...cult classic in my book.


  1. What an interesting looking shop. Can't wait to see it in person. Also catchy name. Love it.

  2. It is probably my favorite shop to go to. Not only do they have amazing things and fantastic jewelry, the owners are the nicest women ever and you are bound to have interesting conversations.

  3. You gals are too good to us...thanks for this sweet post. Guess what? Couch sold! You're our good luck charms! Hope to see you again soon. XOXO, Kate and Ashley

  4. I guess I'll be putting this shop on my list for my Nashville trip. Thanks for sharing, Brandy!

  5. OMG love the name! This place looks awesome!

  6. damn, I need to get my ass to Nashville!! I too want that Royal T. painting!! awesome! is it an original painting? very cool store. -Boo


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