Monday, March 4, 2013


Last week I featured my flea market finds and my favorite has to be the Brazilian Cowhide rugs in Cheetah print.  I ended up purchasing two to go under my dining table.  I love the glamorous and sophisticated aspect they add to the space.  If you ever get a chance to attend the Nashville Flea Market, The Wild Goose, owned by Sis and Mason, are consistent monthly vendors.  They have gorgeous hides in an array of colors and patterns including the highly sought after metallics and prints (leopard, cheetah and ostrich).  They also have fabulous handbags that I'm currently coveting.

That is Sis (see the hobo handbags hanging in the background)

So to get on with today's topic, Leopard vs Cheetah......this became a topic because I kept calling my rug Leopard which in fact the pattern is Cheetah.  After some research, I've found this is a common mistake and I'm not a complete idiot.  Here is your easy lesson for the day, Cheetahs have simple black spots, while Leopards have a more complex pattern. For me and my space, I chose the Cheetah because I'm just more of a black and white girl.  Which do you prefer?

Leopard Vs. Cheetah

spotted rug :: MIMI+MEG
leopard rug; coffee table

Love the cheetah rug with the wall color

Pink satin chairs, leopard rug, chocolate walls and mother of pearl chandelier....I'll take it.

Aerin Lauder seems to be everywhere these days, and it is always fabulous.  In addition to the leopard sofa and teal lamp, I LOVE this orange gallery wall filled with oil paintings in gilt and black frames spaced rather far apart.

Fabric for the Henredon sofa???


  1. I did not know the difference myself, so thanks for clearing this up. I think I prefer the more complex leopard pattern, though I wouldn't kick either one out of bed.

    The photo of that booth seals it - I'm coming up there for a shopping trip!

  2. I thought I was a Cheetah girl, but seeing those beautiful pics, I'm conflicted!

  3. Super interesting post, I'm sure I've made this mistake many times. I love both!

  4. I think I've been using the terms interchangeably too. Oops. I love your rug. You know, it's weird but I think I like both but in different areas. I don't like leopard rugs as much as cheetah ones, but I like leopard fabric on pillows/upholstery. Hmm. Great post! And I can't wait to see your rug/dining room chair combo. Photos please!

  5. I like both and I'm sure I've interchanged them too. That booth is amazing!

  6. It's all good to me. I have been making the same mistake, but I love both.

  7. I do love the cheetah! But both are amazing

  8. I purchased a rug from her for my entryway! Best money I ever spent. Hides are naturally waterproof and stain proof so yours will be perfect under a dining table! Love the cheetah... good pick. :)

  9. Wow, what a great post! Most educational!! I don't think I could pick a favorite... I adore cheetah and leopard equally, and would choose between the two on a situational basis... like you said - go black and white, or add a bit more complexity. They are both fabulous.

    The Glam Pad

  10. Love them all ... but the cheetah is calling me today!! xo

  11. Love them both but am favoring the cheetah! Love those rugs...thinking I need to find a place for one in my home!


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