Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Speaking of Gifts.......

Yesterday's post was about my gift board on Pinterest and low and behold what arrives today but an amazing gift from my wonderful sister. If you know me, you know I'm slightly obsessed with Florence Broadhurst. You probably also know that Kate Spade introduced a Florence Broadhurst line just recently. When my sister was in town last weekend, we went to Kate Spade and she watched me drool over all the pieces. This one arrived in the mail today! I'm a very lucky girl. Thanks Sis!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Gifts for the Gogo: Head Vase Planters

One of my Pinterest Boards is called "Gifts for the Gogo". I've created this board for anyone (husband, hint, hint) that may need a gift idea for me. I just added these head vase planters today. I must have them in my life.

You can just catch a glimpse of them in the dining room of this picture. I love the scale.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Circle of Friends

Wow! I had no idea that starting a blog would open up so many doors to new friendships and people with the same design aesthetic, thrifting addictions and overall desire to be creative and do something with that energy. My very first friends made through the blog world have been Kathy of My Interior Life, Collyn of ModFrugal and Bri of You, Me and a Wiener. You should check out their blogs they are great.

My newest friendship opportunity occurred this weekend when Kathy invited me and Melissa (The Insane Domain) to a clothing sale at Gen Sohr's home. Little did I know that Gen also has a blog (Gen's Favorite), is an amazing designer and has been featured in many of the books/publications that are on my bookshelf (Design Sponge, Undecorate, Domino and Better Homes and Gardens to name a few). She was so nice and genuine. Nashville is not a big city but sometimes it does seem hard to connect with those that share your same interests. We talked about bringing our circle of friends together in the near future so expect upcoming posts on party planning.

Here are a few pics I grabbed from the web of Gen's current and past dwellings. Enjoy!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Follow-up to Phyllis

Ok many of you have asked to see what my Phyllis Morris lamps look like (see the Finding Phyllis post if you have no idea what I'm talking about). Here it goes but I warn you these are not the best pictures. I plan on taking a PhotoShop class this summer to assist with the "Boutique" section of my blog and to learn how to airbrush my entire body in pictures.

These lamps are at least 27 inches high and weigh more than 10lbs each (yes I said 10lbs each)! Only one lamp maintained the original label.....thank goodness. If not for that, I would have never known the lady behind the lamps.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

1stdibs NYC

Last April, my husband and I went on a trip to NYC. I read in my Elle Decor that 1stdibs had opened its first showroom at the New York Design Center. This of course was a mandatory stop and I have to say it did not disappoint. In fact, it blew me away. I could have stayed there all day. If you are ever in NYC, check it out.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Finding Phyllis

I had never heard of Phyllis Morris until a few years ago when I attended an estate sale and purchased a wonderful pair of lamps. The lamps still had the original label so being curious about the maker and circa of the lamps, I researched "Phyllis Morris". To my surprise, she is quite famous and her company Phyllis Morris Originals in Los Angeles, CA is still in business today.

The design that put her on the map in 1953 was a pink poodle lamp modeled after her own pink-dyed poodle, Pamela. She was known for riding around town in her pink Cadillac convertible with the car full of pink poodle lamps and pink-dyed poodles. I would have loved to have seen that.

In the 1960s, she was a top socialite in Hollywood and befriended many stars such as Joan Crawford, Lucille Ball and Joan Collins to name a few. She was known for her over-the-top interiors and eye-brow raising quotes. One of my favorites is "Minimalism is for those without much to say".

Her business grew and evolved over the years but still holds true to one-of-a-kind pieces and daring interiors under the leadership of her daughter, Jamie Adler.

After searching eBay, 1st dibs and any available image of a Phyllis Morris design without success, I emailed the company to find out more about my lamps. To my surprise and delight, I received a response directly from Jamie Adler. She informed me that my lamps are some of Phyllis' very early designs and highly collectible.

Through all my research, I have definitely become a Phyllis fan. Here are some of my picks from Phyllis Morris Originals current and vintage:

Friday, February 17, 2012

Grilled Cheeserie

Happy Friday! I love any type of grilled cheese sandwich. I even have a Pinterest board dedicated to them. Here are a few to try this weekend. Have a good one!

Avocado Grill

Mexican Grill

Apple Brie Meltdown

Goat Cheese Grill

Pimento Cheese Grill

Strawberry Grill

Thursday, February 16, 2012

iPhone Couture

I discovered the coolest website They carry numerous items featuring designs from artists around the world. They have a great selection of iPhone covers and cases. I just ordered:

Ice Queen

There are literally hundreds to choose from. Here a few more I liked:

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

White Paint is a Pain in the ASS!

Ok that may sound harsh but I am here to tell you that the hardest paint color to pick out for walls is white. I don't care how many blogs you read with designer/decorator suggestions or how many sample cans you buy and test on the walls, you will never really know how a white is going to look until the entire room is covered in it and you live with it for several weeks. I am now on white paint color #3.

Color #1: Benjamin Moore Decorator White. I used this paint for the Dining Room, Living Room and hallway including all trim and doors. Highly recommended by numerous designers as the go to white, blah, blah, the end I lived with it for 8 months and could not stand the cold, grey tone it would take especially at night. The house felt cold and I don't like cold.

Color #2: Benjamin Moore Simply White. One weekend when my husband and kids took a trip, instead of relaxing and eating bon-bons while reading design magazines, I decided to tackle the Decorator White with the help of my mom. Three days later we had all rooms painted including trim. This was definitely a step in the right direction. A warmer white without going cream.

Color #3: Benjamin Moore White Dove. It is now time to paint my bedroom and office. Our bedroom has very high ceilings and is a large space so I decided Simply White would be too "bright". I have decided on White Dove which has a little more warmth.

I have never lived in so much white before so I'll probably end up painting everything again in a year and all this stress will be for nought. If you are in the process of picking out a white, all I have to say is good luck!

Here are some incredible white rooms. Enjoy!