Sunday, February 5, 2012

Once Upon A Time......

The original Chateau À Gogo sits in Nashville, TN on a picturesque lot with trees, a lake, Canadian geese, cranes, mallards, turtles and every other type of wildlife but is only 10 minutes away from all the amenities of urban living. It sounds like a fairytale and it is but it was a labor of love to get here. Here is a quick recap:

Sept. 2009 - Economy is in the toilet, housing market has crashed, and I'm stuck in a brand new "planned community", suffocating. We had previously lived in an 1892 Victorian in the heart of downtown Nashville. Once we started a family, we thought moving to the burbs and living in a new development was the answer.....WRONG. I love houses with history and a "soul". Only after a year, I set my sites on a neighborhood established in the 1950s-60s. After four years of stalking, I find out about a house that "may" be coming on the market in the Spring. We luck up and are allowed an early viewing in October. The house is perfect. We agree upon a contract and put our house on the market immediately.

Spring 2010 - Ughhh......I'm tired of having a house on the market with a full time job and two young children. We decide to take the house off the market on a Monday, the same Friday, we receive an offer.

May-July 2010 - We have to move out of our house in May but can't move into the new house until July. We basically have to move twice and spend six weeks in a rental property! It was all worth it......we moved in on 4th of July weekend 2010.

In our previous house, I had always felt unsettled. I am happy to say I am finally at peace and exactly where I want to be. We love it here and can't wait to share all of our projects and adventures along the way. Here's a little taste of Chateau À Gogo style (forever evolving). Enjoy!


  1. Wow! Your decorator must be a genius...oh yeah...the decorator is you. House looks great!


  2. I can certainly see why you love your home so much. Every room says a happy family lives here.
    I know you are constantly changing things and I look forward to your "updates" as they occur.

  3. Looks fab! Can't wait to see it in person!

  4. Oh so pretty. You have done a beautiful job, Brandy. Can't wait to see more!! And I admire you so much for holding out for the perfect house. One day I swear I will move out of my 1997 builder special!

  5. Love this! Of course, we share the same pillows! What's not to love about them?

  6. OMG what a great great place you have... I am green with envy...
    i wish i had thought of that name - how fitting - how "mod" & groovy Chateau A GoGo is..


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