Monday, February 27, 2012

Circle of Friends

Wow! I had no idea that starting a blog would open up so many doors to new friendships and people with the same design aesthetic, thrifting addictions and overall desire to be creative and do something with that energy. My very first friends made through the blog world have been Kathy of My Interior Life, Collyn of ModFrugal and Bri of You, Me and a Wiener. You should check out their blogs they are great.

My newest friendship opportunity occurred this weekend when Kathy invited me and Melissa (The Insane Domain) to a clothing sale at Gen Sohr's home. Little did I know that Gen also has a blog (Gen's Favorite), is an amazing designer and has been featured in many of the books/publications that are on my bookshelf (Design Sponge, Undecorate, Domino and Better Homes and Gardens to name a few). She was so nice and genuine. Nashville is not a big city but sometimes it does seem hard to connect with those that share your same interests. We talked about bringing our circle of friends together in the near future so expect upcoming posts on party planning.

Here are a few pics I grabbed from the web of Gen's current and past dwellings. Enjoy!


  1. It was the best weekend EVER!!! We are lucky girls.

  2. It was such fun! Glad I ran into you there...hope to catch up later this week!

  3. Definitely a bloggy sisterhood going on. So glad I've met you through the blog world and look forward to hanging out more in the future!


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