Monday, August 13, 2012


The world of E Design/Decor is exploding.  Long gone are the days when you need to be in the same city let alone the same country as the stylist/designer you love in order to retain their design services. The virtual world has allowed us to reach individuals anywhere at anytime.  I love the idea of someone in Australia desiring the design aesthetic of someone in Nashville, TN and being able to work with him/her regardless of the distance.  Some useful online tools to utilize when working with someone long distance are Pinterest to determine your clients style and the use of interior design mood boards such as Olioboard.  Mood boards provide your client with the overall look and specific items they need to complete their space along with information on where to buy it.  Is this as good as being in the room and styling it with all the products you have selected?  No, but it is a way to reach people you never could before which I find priceless.

Here is a mood board (aka Gogo Board) I put together for my ongoing laundry room project.

Here are some other examples taken from Pinterest at random.  Let me know if you need a Gogo Board for your space.


  1. I see a tutorial on this subject during Thursday's lunch. These boards look amazing!

  2. Isn't Olioboard fun? It can be fun (and frustrating) and addicting! Love your laundry room board and the other girls' too. Looking forward to Thursday!


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