Wednesday, August 15, 2012


As my close friends know, purple is one of my favorite colors.  You probably wouldn't guess that by the interior of my home but I think that is because purple is not as easy to find in home interior options as some other colors.  Last night while performing my regular nightly ritual of looking at design books/magazines before bed, I almost fell out when I saw the Kelly Wearstler designed home in Elle Decor featuring the most amazing purple Venetian glass chandeliers you have ever seen.  Horchow carries this chandelier and wouldn't you know they are having a 1 day sale of 30% off today.  Unfortunately at $2050.00, it is not in my budget but I am putting it on the wish list.

I'm trying to bring purple hues into my bedroom.  The color palette is heading in this direction (also a Wearstler space....hmmm....I think I must be a Wearstler fan). How do you think that chandelier would look above my bed???  I'm thinking very Chateau À Gogo!!


  1. Love the purple chandelier! I have never seen one that color. And it would look awesome in your bedroom.


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