Monday, July 23, 2012

Sale Sneak Peek #3: Bar Cart Revival

It's no secret that the bar cart is making a comeback.  Just look at any current design magazine and you are sure to see several examples of this throwback to the past.  I read in a recent article that almost every showroom at High Point this season showcased a bar cart in their new line.  I prefer the vintage carts that have a history and story to tell.
For our tag sale event, we have 3 bar carts showcased:

The Don Draper: Give this cart to the Mad Man in your life.  My husband is begging to keep this one.  It definitely has strong masculine lines and the smokey glass shelves add to it's intrigue.

The Audrey Hepburn:  This faux bamboo beauty represents the Hollywood Regency period when a drink was always being poured

The June Cleaver:  This cart is a bit more casual but very versatile for use as a cocktail bar or coffee/tea bar.


  1. Oh I love the June Cleaver! That would be great for my How to Throw a Porch Party post. I only wish I had a front porch:). I can't wait for the sale Friday!


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