Monday, October 15, 2012


On Friday, I stopped by my usual sites to see if there were any treasures to score.  I only bought one item at each store but when I arrived home and grouped all my purchases together, I was surprised to see how well they complimented each other.
  • Pair of Lusterware lamps in serious need of cleaning but a beautiful glamorous sheen (color is soft pearlescent cream with coral bands); I think I will change out the bases for lucite ones and give them a new life
  • Set of Chinoiserie placemats with blush, peach and coral tones with gold border
  • Set of 3 blush glass salt/pepper shakers (for some reason there were 3 in the set)


Later that night on Pinterest, one of my first pictures to pin was this tablescape - blush and gold!

It made me realize, I'm definitely feeling this girly, blushy pink/peach/coral vibe right now.  Here are some other inspirations.  Are you feeling it?

(Kathy, it's your credenza in original paint I might add!!!)


  1. Oh, I am feeling it. Love all of it. Great score.

  2. Most definitely. And I love how the gold keeps the pink from being too sweet.

  3. I do enjoy pink and gold together. I think I even did a post on it once, I can't remember. Love your finds (must find out where your haunts are)! And that credenza does look a lot like mine. I think their flowers are more raised (maybe pulls) whereas mine are flat. My original paint is a little yucky, but I'm not going to change the overall look of creamy-white and gold.


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