Monday, November 12, 2012


Charmaine would be proud.  I scored on Craigslist this weekend.  Meet the newest furniture pieces soon to be restored by Gogo Studio.
Drexel Furniture's Chinese Modern line: two bedside/end tables and chest of drawers with amazing lines.  The brass Greek key hardware isn't too shabby either.  Now I just have to decide on two things; color: black or white and finish: high gloss or satin.
I am definitely starting to see a trend back towards satin finishes but I also think it depends on the piece.  What is your vote?

Here are some ideas on how to use/style these pieces.

Source: via Debora on Pinterest

Source: via Worlds on Pinterest

Source: via Lea on Pinterest

Source: via Evan on Pinterest


  1. Yay! You got them! I would go for white.

  2. I was thinking black, but either would look nice. I actually think they would look really cool in a coral color or chartreuse (not far from what they are now), but for resale purposes I know it's smart to go neutral. Glad you got them. I just couldn't pull the trigger.

  3. Wow, those are amazing pieces, and Drexel is fantastic. Left to me, I think I would do them in black. Either way, they'll be great. Still loving high gloss myself.

  4. I vote black, too. They are gorgeous!

  5. Charmaine might be proud, but I'm jealous. I would do a green high gloss.

  6. I have no idea but I'm sure whatever you choose will look fabulous!

  7. What a great set. Black gloss for the night stands, they would make great end tables. Gloss white on the chest for a glammy bedroom piece. Can't wait to see your end result.

  8. Dear ladyfriend-

    I totally saw that set on Craigslist and wanted to go look at them but never got the chance. If you can tell me the dresser's dimensions, I'd like to have dibs on it.


  9. Actually, I'd need the dimensions for all the pieces. So, seriously...hit me up with the digits.


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