Thursday, June 14, 2012

A Dash of Asian

At Chateau À Gogo, a dash of Asian and a sprinkle of color are all part of the perfect room equation.  Today I'm hosting  Melissa from The Insane Domain.  She has been surrounded by Asian design since childhood.  As we sip our Asian inspired cocktail (Love Me Long Time:  recipe at the bottom of this post), I pick her brain about what makes this style timeless and how it can be incorporated into today's spaces.

  What are your thoughts on the resurgence of Asian design?

Melissa:  I think people are now more than ever looking to incorporate items into their home that have a history and tell a story, so the Asian style is perfect for this. Whether it is a large piece such as a chest or a small work of art, these items are not only beautiful but have a sense of strength. Classic Asian design compliments many different design aesthetics so no matter if you lean toward minimalism or bohemianism, you can blend it in seamlessly.

Me:  How have you been influenced by Asian design?

Melissa:  My grandmother Ruby was obsessed with all things Japanese. She traveled several times to Japan and would bring back beautiful kimono's which she would wear on a regular basis. Her home was built in true Japanese style and had a Tokonoma alcove where she would display anything from art to oriental flower arrangements. She was a member of the Ikebana Club, which celebrated the art of Japanese flower arranging. You would find her picking up random sticks, rocks and flowers and placing them beautiful but simple vessels. Her standard poodle was even named Saki!

(Grandmother Ruby)

Me:  What items in your house are examples of this look?

Melissa:  I inherited many pieces of art from my grandmother and have them scattered around my home. I love saturated color so the deep blues and golds are perfect. I also have a warrior statue that was hers and I use that to hold my long necklaces. The doors on my husband's office are vintage panels which we had installed on a sliding system and they mimic shoji screens. 

Me: What are some of your favorite Asian inspired pieces available today?

Melissa:  Anthropologie has a great piece they called the "Traveler Chest" which can work in a foyer, bedroom, or living room and has a great Asian feel. West Elm has several pieces that are Asian inspired such as their "Window Headboard", "Terra Console", and their "Shirley Fintz Table Lamp". These are all easily accessible and affordable. Just looking in your local thrift shops or flea markets can be a gold mine for either lacquered boxes, blue and white china, or ceramic garden stools. And last but not least, Jonathan Adler and his horse or dragon lamps.

Thanks Melissa for stopping by the Gogo. If you guys have not checked out Melissa's blog, you should. She is currently undergoing a kitchen transformation that is so exciting to watch.

In the meantime, have a cocktail on me:

LOVE ME LONG TIME (Cucumber Lychee Saki):
3 slices of cucumber
1/4 oz fresh lemon juice
1 oz lychee juice (from can)
2 lychees
1 1/2 oz Prosecco (Italian Sparkling Wine)

Muddle cucumber & lychees in bottom of glass. Add lemon and lychee juice. Shake in ice filled shaker (you can also stir the drink extremely well, in lieu of shaking). Strain into champagne flute. Top with Prosecco and drop a lychee fruit into the bottom of the drink for a pleasant surprise. Garnish with cucumber. Enjoy!


  1. Absolutely love it and may have gone a bit overboard with it in my own home - but I don't care. Did I mention I love it? PS stop by if you get a chance and help me decide on my front door color.

  2. Yay ladies..great asiana love here, so I especially enjoyed this..and that cocktail sounds nice too!


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