Thursday, June 21, 2012

Project Gogo: Laundry Room

We've decided to start a much needed project here at Chateau À Gogo.......the Laundry Room.  Currently the laundry room is a closet.   That's right, a closet with a stackable front load washer and dryer on one side and shelving on the other.  I could go on living like this but there is one issue I just can't stand any longer.  The FRONT LOAD WASHER!!  I will never, ever own another one again.  I know they look super cool and make designing a nice laundry room so much easier but I don't care.  I have owned two now and hated both.  They stink, they make your clothes stink and eventually make your room stink.  I have tried every remedy in the book and every product on the market to clean the machine but in the end, it just stinks.  The fact that they make products to clean a washing machine should tell you something.  Anyway, time to move on and shift gears to the new laundry room.  It will be located in what we call the mud room which is about a 12x8 space.

Here are a few pics (everything you see will be removed: cabinets, carpet, etc....):

To start the project off and really get my thoughts together, I put together my first Olioboard.  Yes, I'm sure I'm very late to the party on using this tool but whatevs better late than never.  I want my laundry room to be fun and over the top.  After all, it's just the laundry room so it's not like I have to sleep in it or sit and watch TV in it.  When I walk in the room, I want to immediately feel happy and not dread the task at hand.  I'm combining ideas around several spaces I love and keeping the future kitchen plan in mind by using the same cabinet inspiration for both rooms.

Cabinets:  High Gloss Lacquer White with Brass Campaign Hardware including brass kick plates(inspiration:  Sasha Seymour kitchen featured in House and Home)

Countertop:  White Carrera Marble

Wallpaper:  Schumacher Chiang Mai Dragon in Aquamarine (just one wall)

Paint:  Electric Orange High Gloss with Lacquer glaze on top (inspiration: Victoria Webster's dining room in House and Home); I really don't have a lot of wall space to cover so even though this color is intense, I think it will work

Flooring: White Gloss Penny Rounds with light grey grout

Backsplash: White Subway Tile

Let me know what you think.  Would you want to do laundry in this room?


  1. Wow! It's going to look amazing! We inherited a front loader washer from the previous owner and it was disgusting and moldy. We replaced it with a high efficient top loader in red!

  2. Of course, I love your board. Is it bad that I want to live in your laundry room? Not surprising since I want Chiang Mai pillows in my living room. I agree laundry rooms should be fun. Mine's like a skinny walk-in closet - not the best set-up. And yes, we have front loaders too. Although, I will tell you mine's not as smelly as some (my mom's) - I have a Whirlpool Duet. I typically leave my door open at all times, but I'm not sure you can do that in a closet.

    Can't wait to see your finished room.

    Oh, and isn't Olioboard fun??

  3. Fun! I think it would be amazing to do a room with this much pizazz and color. I can't wait to see the finished product!

  4. You are going to have the best looking laundry room around! Love your Olioboard! I just joined that site and haven't put one together yet, so you are ahead of me!!

  5. And I thought I was the only one with that problem. I realized leaving the door open after every wash keeps it from getting stinky as much. Also I keep a good odor eliminator on hand in that room. I hate top loader washers only because they take up a lot of room. Mine are staked and save some walking room since it is also our pantry. Looks like you'll have plenty of space in this room!

  6. Such a nice space! My laundry area is kind of a nightmare it's so tight, but I just tell myself "at least it's not in the basement." Positive affirmation mind tricks. Can't wait to see how it comes together!

  7. Love your ideas! It's going to be fabulous. No laundry room should be without style!


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