Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Jello Mold is FAMOUS!

Last night as I'm quickly scrolling through the popular pins of those I follow, I came across this:

I actually laughed out loud.  I have this exact and I mean EXACT clock in my living room.  I purchased this clock at an Alabama antique mall while visiting my sister last year.  It reminded me of a crazy Jello-Mold salad.  It was so over the top I had to have it and it was only $25.00.  As I looked to see where the origin of the pin, you can imagine my amazement when I saw it was from One Kings Lane.  I quickly clicked to the site to see it with my own eyes.  Sure enough, there she was in all her glory as part of the Kelly Wearstler Domicilium Decoratus sale ending tomorrow.

And........drum roll........she was SOLD:

Kelly Wearstler Lucite & Stone Electric Clock $325.00

So my question is, is the clock really worth that kind of money or is One Kings Lane just another inflated online seller like 1st dibs? I don't know.....what are your thoughts?

While you ponder that question, here are some of my other favorites from the sale:


  1. Crazy, huh? No offense to your clock (which is super cool - and I love your jello mold description!), but as the old saying goes, "it's worth what someone will pay for it." Obviously, if a sale is curated by Kelly people will pay crazy amounts for stuff. But I do believe OKL inflates price, then marks it "down" to another inflated price. If you saw MLB on Million Dollar Decorators with the OKL girls, you see that in action.

  2. I agree with Kathy! Love your clock...score for you, indeed!

  3. OMG! There are more of them? (Jello mold clocks) And I thought you had the only one in the world that looks like that.
    What a great buy you got. You are ahead of the curve with your funky, fun, cra cra style. Can't wait to see what you come up with next!
    P.S. Love the pink sofa.


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