Wednesday, January 30, 2013


OK I'll admit it, I'm a perfectionist.  One might even say obsessive to the point of annoying.  I actually annoy myself on a daily basis. I can't help it.  With everything I do, I have an overwhelming desire to make the best, if not "perfect" decision.  Yes I know that is ridiculous because nothing is ever perfect.  Even if you think it is perfect at the time, something will reveal itself later down the line that makes you think...."oh that wasn't perfect after all".  

So what is the point of this post, well.....I'm filing paperwork this week for my official business name.  I feel Gogo should be in the name because this journey began with the creation of my Chateau À Gogo blog and I've built everything thus far around that word.  However, to name my business which will be a combination of interior styling and sales and maybe one day a shop, Chateau À Gogo (which I've been using with clients thus far), has several things going against it.  First, it is a mouthful to say.  Second, Chateau is not the easiest word to spell.  Third, Chateau is a french word that may imply french inspired design...which my style is not however the À Gogo probably balances that out.

I've been playing around with names and the one I keep coming back to is Gogo Studio.  I'm already using this as the "shop" tab on my blog.  It rolls right off the tongue and is easy to spell.  Also, if you read Girl Behind Gogo, you know I'm a child of the 70s and to me, Gogo Studio evokes more of that design style which is more in line with my aesthetic.

So if this is me in 30 years, did I own Chateau À Gogo or Gogo Studio.....or you hate both?  Feel free to speak your mind.

Have any of you struggled with business names?  I would love to hear from you and your thoughts because in my opinion, you guys are my best sounding board.  Knowing me, I'll come up with something new tomorrow.

me in 40 years. i'm pretty sure of it.
(Yes, I've used this image before but I just love it...I really hope I'm that fabulous some day)


  1. Girl, you know I'm going through the same thing! I need some direction too. I happen to think Gogo Studio is very catchy, and you're right, it rolls off the tongue and fits your aesthetic better. I would go that route if I were you. My problem is my blog name is so, well, blog name sounding and not business sounding - thus k interiors. But I think it confuses people. I think I need professional help (both mentally and re: branding, ha). Good luck!

  2. I think Gogo Studio is perfect. (I like Chateau A Gogo too, though, very catchy.)

  3. Design a Gogo, To Gogo, Studio a Gogo, Place to Gogo, Gogo-ing Places, Space a Gogo! Just messin' with you, Gogo Studio is great!

  4. I think both are clever and catchy but Gogo Studio is where I'm leaning. Change of subject - you're going to be in NOLA for Endymion!? Let's meet up girl a gogo!! -Boo

  5. You are already fabulous! I like chateau A gogo because I think it says it. "hip home" and that's what you're about.

  6. Hmm, you make valid points for both scenarios. I love that chateau and with the gogo that follows, Frenchie does not come to mind. I like gogo studio and it would be easier for most folks to spell when searching for you online, so I think that has to trump chateau. gogo studio it is!

    PS I have no doubt you're heading for that type of fabulous (poodle lady)

  7. such a valid question to ask, its so important. we wanted our names attached to our business, but powell and brower together are a whole lotta "OWW" and its so hard to say. but its us so it has to work. i like GoGo Studio but honestly, I feel like it sounds more like a dance studio than anything. I hope you find something fitting and suiting that you love. if anything else, id keep chateau a gogo since it so describes your style. i never think french just beacuse of chateau :)

  8. I completely agree that you'd want your business name to be easy to spell, but my best advice is to check that the domain you want is available first. :)

    1. Neither one are available...I would have to do some twist on either for the domain name. Seriously someone already has would have thought

  9. I know what you mean girlfriend but I love gogo studio!! Makes me think of fun and timeless design!

  10. Definitely "Gogo Studio" - I love it!

    You can use the domain name ""


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