Thursday, January 17, 2013


I stumbled across Organic Modernism, a furniture company based out of Brooklyn, NY, today while searching for dining chairs. I'm in love with the Florence sofa.  Have any of you sourced from this company before?  I'm feeling the need to have "sexier" furniture lately and this fits the bill in my opinion.
Florence B


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  2. Okay, so are you onto sofas now instead of dining chairs? Focus! Just kidding. It's very cool.

  3. I love the shape of the sofa, and I would like to know the measurement of the legs.

  4. They used to be an offshoot/part of White on White - I ordered my white pod chairs outside (Aarnio knockoffs) from them many years ago and they were really nice and friendly. I haven't ordered anything upholstered from them though.

  5. I actually went to their NY showroom last time I was in NYC on a buying trip and honestly it doesn't seem like the best quality. and it's a lot smaller and fragile in person than you would think. The price isn't bad though. I was obsessed with this sofa too until I sat in it. :( -Boo


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