Tuesday, April 30, 2013


OK I need your help.  What is up with all the" Anonymous" spam comments I've been receiving lately?  Is anyone else experiencing this?  Is this a Blogspot issue?  Is there a fix besides turning on the annoying code that everyone hates to enter?

I can't wait to get my website up and running.......and just a little teaser....new website....new name...new everything coming soon and in soon I mean this summer so don't get too excited just yet.  All I can say is.....I'm loving the new direction and hope you will too.

In the meantime, I must stop these spam comments.....they are making me want to do this (in my fur hat of course):

Model, screaming


  1. I know! I've been getting quite a few as well here and there. Very annoying. I've noticed them on other people's blogs too. I do think I've gotten more since I turned off word verification so I'm considering turning it back on! Can't wait to see your new site, etc. Might have some questions for you on that front!

  2. Girl....I am so annoyed with this too! It seems like it gets worse everyday! If the fur hat helps, then keep screaming.

  3. Your lucky you've been catching them, I was spammed so much on one of my posts and didn't even know about them until much, much later (think 300 comments needed to be deleted from cialis to waazooo!)! Hence I started moderating my comments. I just changed my blog name and design too, cant wait to see yours!

  4. My spam filter is always full so wordpress gets spammers too. I have comment moderating for first time commenters, so that catches a lot of it and chucks it into the spam folder, but still, I have to wade through them if I want to make sure I don't accidentally toss out a real person with the spam...

  5. I agree, it's getting to be a REAL annoyance. I have to delete my anonymous comments everyday. Im trying not to go to word verification either, I think it is a roadblock , but there's got to a better solution! Let us know if you hear of any.
    xo Nancy

  6. HA! I can just see you now screaming in your fur hat!! I was getting them as well and I don't allow anonymous comments any longer. I may miss a few "real" anonymous people, but it got rid of the stupid stuff!! xo

  7. I’m having the same problem… I do monitor all of my comments though, and so I’m able to delete them as they come through. So frustrating… I get all excited when I see I have a new comment “Woohoo!! I live for comments!” only to see it is that stupid Spambot again, grrr…

    The Glam Pad

  8. I am getting a ton too (in chinese, no less).


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