Thursday, April 25, 2013


Do you follow me on Instagram?  This app has become my new best friend and I document most of my adventures and fabulous finds.  Tomorrow is the Nashville Flea so you will definitely see some inspiring shots.  I'm also headed to the Magic City Art Connection show in Birmingham this weekend.  Last year I came home with a fun piece from artist Chad Moore entitled "Poison Apple" that some of you will remember reading about.  If not, read about it here.

Anyway, take away message is follow me on Instagram.  I won't let you down!  Have a great weekend everyone.  I can't wait for mine to begin.


  1. done. I'm hoping to go flea-ing on Saturday too, just locally though. Have fun!

  2. Brandy! I'm your newest Instagram folower. I posted about instagram today on the blog too, how funny. I just got it yesterday, I hope you will follow me back! xo

  3. I'm following too! I cant wait to see all your vintage finds!

  4. Okay ... I am off to follow you ... although I missed the weekend adventures! I thin I have maybe 9 instagram followers ... I better step it up!! Hope you found some goodies! xo

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