Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Eye Candy (in more ways than one)

Several posts back I talked about going to the 1stdibs floor at the New York Design Center last year. It of course, was amazing but also going on while we were there was the first ever solo art exhibit by renowned photographer Greg Lotus entitled "Impressions". If you've never heard of him, you have probably seen his work. He is most famous for his work with Vogue Magazine but has also worked for Vanity Fair, GQ, etc....

Here is Greg (yum):

Unfortunately, I did not come home with one of his prints because they were $7000.00+ but I did come home with an autographed catalogue of his works. Here are some of my favorite images:


  1. Maybe we will find something similar in Birmingham. Like Ninja Girl Photo!

  2. Stunning photography and most definitely out of my price range. He is quite the work of art himself!


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