Monday, March 12, 2012

Light Bulb Please Go Off!

Someone please slap me! This "business concept" phase of my life is going to be the death of me and those around me. For those that do know me, know I'm very Type A, a complete perfectionist, over-think and over-analyze every single decision in my life - yes I am a Virgo. Do I want to open a shop, do I want to have a website for online sales, do I want to be an interior decorator, do I want to find amazing vintage pieces and modernize them for today's use, do I want to become famous and be featured in my favorite design magazines, do I want a combination of all these things........YES!

Back to reality and the realization that all of the above is probably unlikely but my main goal is to have fun and enjoy what I'm doing. I just need that elusive light bulb to go off.

So while the wheels are spinning, here are a few entrepreneurial inspirations that I love. Check them out, you will not be disappointed. Maybe one day Nashville will have a business like this and who knows, maybe it will be mine :)

Pieces Inc.
Atlanta, GA

Chic Shop
Los Angeles, CA

Circa Who
West Palm Beach, FL


  1. I vote a combo of them all with an unlimited bankroll!

  2. Yay, I'll second what Melissa said! And when you find that unlimited bankroll, give me a call and I'll go in on your venture. Oh, if retail space wasn't so expensive!


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