Tuesday, March 13, 2012

From Food Trucks to Fashion Trucks

I'm the first to admit that I'm a bit intrigued by the nationwide explosion of food trucks. It has finally hit Nashville and I say "better late than never". For our area this is still such a new concept and if you are like me (God forbid) you actually get a little excited when you stumble upon one and get to try their offerings. There are over 37 food trucks in Nashville ranging from gourmet hot dogs to decadent cupcakes. To see a full list of the Nashville trucks and comprehensive menus for each vendor, check out www.nashvillefoodtrucks.com

I am nowhere near trying them all but my favorite thus far is the Grilled Cheesrie. I love a grilled cheese and let's face it......who doesn't?

The latest "truck" trend has moved from food to retail. An article in this month's Lucky Magazine featured retail trucks popping up all over the country. A few night's later, a feature on the local news, enlightened me to The Trunk in Nashville. Taken directly from their Facebook page, "The Trunk is a retail space for the women's accessory brand Sleeveless and the men's clothing store, State. Sleeveless + State are the main proprietors but the The Trunk is available to rent out for other curated fine goods; independent designers, authors and artists. The interior is a fully modular retail space, designed to showcase, clothes, jewelry, art etc."

I love this concept and of course my mind goes directly to my vintage goods, furniture and home accessories. Could this actually be a venue to consider? Who knows but it is worth considering. I'm just not sure how many credenzas, lamps, chairs and Lucite coffee tables I can fit in one truck. Have you seen this concept popping up in your area? If so, I would love to hear about it.


  1. That's so funny. We actually ate at the Grilled Cheeserie truck for lunch on Friday when they were parked in Green Hills, and The Trunk was there too but I didn't get to go in because I had the kids with me. The grilled cheese was yummy, but Meg got sick after so I'm afraid she got some egg somewhere. Oh well. No more food truck for her. :(

  2. Love me some Cheeserie! I was fascinated by the Type Truck that rolled into town over the holidays. http://type-truck.com/
    I love the idea of traveling retail!!!


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