Monday, March 5, 2012

Wallpaper Envy............Installment #2

Wallpaper Envy is a series of posts about "to die for" wallpaper. I'm a bit of a wallpaper junkie and I'm sure one day it will be out of fashion but for now it is all the rage. The amazing talent and unique techniques that go into some of the latest wallpaper lines make them works of art and not just a design accessory.

The featured paper line today is Flavor Paper. If you have not discovered Flavor Paper yet, you must check them out. Their story is one of fine tuning an almost forgotten art into a masterful skill that can be enjoyed and appreciated by all that view it. Here is a little historical exert directly from their website:

"Founded on the Oregon coast by a guy named Ted, this small handscreened wallpaper company flourished in the Age of Aquarius. Many years later, some young designers seeking striking wallcoverings discovered Ted's greatness- just days before the designs and equipment were to be destroyed. Knowing what had to be done, these young designers headed west to save Ted's legacy. Relocated to the Bywater District of New Orleans, Flavor Paper continued to print using Ted's traditional printing methods and vacuum table, but with greatly increased accuracy and detail. " The Flavor Paper lab is now located in Brooklyn, NY.

Their papers have won numerous awards, been featured in high design publications and grace the walls of some of the hippest venues.

My personal favorite "City Park". I love the fire hydrant, parking meter and city rat in such an unassuming pattern. It's just FUN! I want to put this in a powder room so guests can pee and laugh at the same time :)


  1. I want Flavor Paper so bad in my house!! Love tihs post and all of the fabulous wallpaper that will forever be awesome!

  2. You are going to single handedly make me eat my words about never having wallpaper them. (as I'm shaking my fist in the air!)

  3. I love the one with the fire hydrants too...use this in your bath off the kitchen!


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