Wednesday, April 25, 2012

French Connection - Bergere Chairs

Here are a random selection of events that led to this post: 

Today, Julie from Monkey Grass Hill received her Liebster award and mentioned Chateau À Gogo and the fact that the name sounds French.

My friend Melanie and her husband leave tomorrow for a fabulous vacation in the South of France.

Melanie is also currently furnishing her new home and recently reupholstered 2 Bergere chairs for her living room.

Therein lies the birth of today's topic: Bergere Chairs.

Bergere chairs were made famous by Louis the XV. They are characterized by their closed arms, loose seat cushions and exposed wood frames. They have a timeless design that is still relevant in today's spaces. The great thing about these chairs is your ability to go super formal or super fun. I of course choose super fun (surprise). Here are a few of my favorite looks:

So funny, I had to include these: dogs on Bergeres, can you believe I found two different ones:


  1. I love bergeres, but you got me on the dog examples. Too cute!

  2. Those chairs are amazing!

  3. You know I like a little French chair here and there (or daybed or stool). I actually have a pair of these chairs like the last ones (with open arms) that are in serious need of a makeover. They've got fruitwood arms and toile (I know toile on a French chair - too much - this was from my French Provinicial phase about 10 years ago!). And how jealous am I of Melanie?? Missed seeing you yesterday. Have a great time on your girls' trip!

  4. The match up of the cane fabric from chair/cushion is amazing. We have two chairs just waiting to get rehabbed like this. Thanks for the inspiration!


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