Friday, April 13, 2012

Spring Bling!

As part of the Sips and Styles blog hop hosted by the lovely Shannon from Wine Taste Girl, I am featuring Statement Necklaces for Spring. I've decide to break these up into 4 different fashion looks: Retro Girl, Mod/Uptown Girl, Classic Girl and Boho Chic Girl. The beauty of these looks are, you can go in just one direction or you can mix them up for a more eclectic style. Either way you can't go wrong.

Look #1: Retro Girl

To get this look, I recommend Geranium's Bauble Necklace. It comes in Mint, Black and Pantone's color pick for 2012, Tangerine. And just your luck, Wine Taste Girl sells them. You can order directly from her (only $44.95 which includes shipping). Mine is on the way!

Look #2: Mod/Uptown Girl

Kate Spade New York Octagonal Necklace is the one for you.

Look #3: Classic Girl

Max and Chloe's West Avenue Large Monogram Necklace in gold is a must. The picture above is a perfect example of how the looks can be mixed.

Look #4: Boho Chic Girl

Kendra Scott 'Danielle' Oval Pendant Necklace. The color choices are great and I love a long chain.

To finish up my Spring Bling and to start your weekend, I have a wonderful Strawberry Basil Sangria recipe to share with you.

•½ lb of fresh strawberries
•1 apple
•1 ounce of fresh whole basil leaves
•1 bottle of Cline Cellar's Cool Climate Chardonnay
•½ cup organic sugar
•1 cup of club soda
•1 cup of white grape juice

1. Trim and thinly slice the strawberries.

2. Slice and dice the apple into very small bits.

3. Score the basil leaves with a fork. Do this instead of cutting the leaves into strips so you will not choke on basil while trying to enjoy this drink. Simply just rub the basil leaves gently with a fork in order to release their flavor in the sangria.

4. Layer the fruit, sugar and basil in a large pitcher and let sit for about 10 minutes. This is just to let the sugar absorb the juices from the basil and the fruit. You'll see it turn a bit red.

5. Add the club soda first and then the remaining liquids. Stir well and serve.

I hope you enjoyed this segment of the Spring Sips and Styles blog hop. Please remember to visit the other bloggers and enter the contest by clicking on the Rafflecopter giveaway button below.

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  1. Love all the necklaces - of course, I have design ADD so that's no surprise! And that drink sounds delicious. Best wishes for a happy weekend!

  2. I can't wait for you to make me this drink while we are sanding chairs this weekend :)

  3. Love those statement necklaces!! The retro and classic girl's are my faves! That sangria looks amazing as well! It will definitely be something to make this summer in the Texas heat!!


  4. Hey there! Love your post!! Gorgeous necklaces and that sangria looks so yummy!! We just put up our link to this today so we hope you stop by.
    Also, following you via GFC! Hope you have a great weekend!

    Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  5. Love that retro look, of course! Thanks for the shout out on the necklace and I love the post..can't wait for you to make me those sangria's. LOL!

  6. Ok this is an excellent post! I am heading over to wine taste girl right now to order my necklace!!! Love love love it!!!

  7. Ok this is an excellent post! I am heading over to wine taste girl right now to order my necklace!!! Love love love it!!!

  8. Awesome. I want that drink - stat!!!!

  9. I am dying over the Oval Pendant Necklace! I want one in every color! Love this post! Such fun pieces. :)

  10. that sangria recipe sounds amazing definitely will be making it for sure!!


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