Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Going To Rehab: Dining Chairs

My design partner, Melissa from The Insane Domain, and I are going to give you a sneak peek of one of our latest transformation projects. We found six vintage dining chairs at the Nashville Flea Market this past winter. They have been patiently waiting in my attic for their time in rehab. We spent Sunday sanding and prepping.

We are now at the priming stage and are still undecided on seat fabric. We kind of like the original "granny gold" that was revealed after layers (representing different decades I might add) were removed. We were surprised to find the original fabric in perfect condition. The question..."is it just too granny?" We are going to wait until we have the perfectly finished high gloss white chair to make the final decision. Until then.......the jury is still out. Let us know if you have a vote.

Also let us know, if you are interested in these lovely ladies. They will be part of our "Paris Flea" (aka stuff we want to sell) inventory.

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