Friday, May 4, 2012

Little Miss Lucky

If you've been to estate sales then you know you typically view online pictures days before the sale.  This is always the fun time when you dissect every picture to see if there is something that catches your eye. You also do your best to get the lay of the land and mentally outline the floor plan of the house in order to beat every other person to the item you most desire.

Well today Melissa and I prepared for an interesting sale in Nashville.  Not only did it have good furniture and art, but something that I'm always searching for: cool vintage wallpaper.  The sale was in a 3 story townhouse that was probably decorated in the1960s.  You never know if a house with wallpaper on the walls will have left over rolls but typically if someone has papered an entire room, there will be leftovers.  This is always my hope.  Today the target was an over sized, textured, 1960s Chinese Parasol pattern in navy and white.  SO SUPER COOL!

We arrived at the sale at 8am (doors not opening until 9am) to claim our space in line.  We were about 12 back.  By the time the doors opened at 9am, there were at least 30 people behind us.  In our usual fashion, we decided on a plan of attack which had me going to the room with the wallpaper and Melissa targeting some art upstairs.  I immediately asked the workers if there were left over wallpaper rolls.  They told me that they had found some wallpaper scraps but it was stained from water damage so it was thrown out.  Bummed, I moved on to the next item. Thirty minutes later on my last round through the ciaos, I overheard one of the workers say "Oh a girl found all the wallpaper rolls".  Yes you heard me, back in a closet behind who knows what, Little Miss Lucky (whoever you are) found 7 rolls of the vintage Asian paper.  Sick!  Sick I tell you.  Melissa and I have been sick over it all day.  We will move on.  There will be more sales and who knows it may be us crushing someone's dream of getting to that one item before anyone else next time (or at least we hope so :).

(sorry bad iPhone pic)


  1. That sucks a big one. Ya'll were there early too! Make you want to kick a kitten sometimes don't it? Or at least the girl that found them.

  2. Oh no!!! When I read your title, I was thinking/hoping you were little Miss Lucky. I was standing right there when you asked the estate sale worker too and heard her say she thought most of of it had been thrown out due to water damage. What a kick in the pants. I would be sick too! I'm sick for you. I've been missing out on a lot of stuff lately too, so I feel your pain.

  3. Booooo! No fair. That is some seriously amazing paper too. I hope she uses it appropriately!


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