Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Making Progress

I purchased the Jardine outdoor expandable table from West Elm over a month and a half ago (see previous post) and have been agonizing over the right chairs. What I liked was either too expensive, too low or too wide. I thought for sure I was going with the Panton S chair but I realized our aggregate patio surface would ruin the bottoms in a matter of days as they were pushed and pulled from the table. Last weekend I spied a possibility at TJ Maxx HomeGoods. For those of you that shop HomeGoods, realize the chances of finding two matching chairs is slim let alone SIX but ours had exactly that count. I snatched them up and think they look pretty good not to mention the price was right. They aren't exactly the vibe I was originally going for but I'm sure I'll find ways to "funk" the area up.  I'm already working on that with white planters from Target (yes I know they need plants in them Mom), artichoke candle holders and funky Asian style lanterns.


  1. Love the table and chairs. Looks like a wonderful space to relax and enjoy the evening!

  2. Great choice! They look comfy too!

  3. Love the table and chairs, they are great together.
    All you need now is for your mother to plant something pretty in those planters.


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