Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Wee-Wee-Wee All The Way Home

Remember the gold Henry Allen pig bank that caught my eye at the M Showroom last week in Cali?  Well when we arrived home Friday night at midnight, a large box was waiting on me. I have the sweetest husband ever.  The kids have decided to call him "Bacon".  Check out his new home along with a few cousins that have graced design magazine pages.


  1. He's a keeper...your husband and the pig.

  2. Love it! The piggy is too cute, it will be hard to find the perfect place for him because he looks great everywhere!

  3. Lucky you! Thumbs up to hubby!

  4. Cute pig and wonderful husband. But I am a little confused, did your kids name the pig or your husband Bacon? Just kidding, love them both.


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